A Complete Mobile Application for your Staging Business

Manage Employees, Inventory, Transportation, Scheduling, Collaboration, Inventory recovery, storage Locations, Clients , Payment status etc.


About Us

Do you own a staging business? With this new staging app, all the hassles are gone!!

This app is a solution tailored to your every need when coming to run your business. This app will allow you to collaborate on projects, organize your thoughts and ideas and more such as:

  • Staging ideas/notes
  • Take Pictures of the Individual Rooms, add notes & Inventory for staging.
  • Add Inventory for staging to rooms and collaborate with stagers
  • Arranging staging Transportation and recovery schedule.
  • Staff assignments and Signoff.
  • Property inventory with rental price.
  • Staging Properties & storage Locations.
  • Employee management.
  • Staging Report for Staff.
  • Recovery Report for Staff.
  • Employee, Inventory, Storage Locations, Transportation Reports etc.
  • Try it for Free for 60 days
  • Employees get the software free of charge.

APP layout & Design

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of the services (hereinafter referred as ‘terms’) is a contract entered between ‘you’ (as defined below) and StagersPro, operated by BAAANET IT INC. which is a legal entity existing under Canadian laws. All the functions/features provided within this application are regulated and governed by these terms. All users must read these terms carefully before they register to a subscription plan.

If the access of this application is made on behalf of some other party, entity or corporation, the representative person of that specific entity will need to warrant that he is in the position to consent to these terms. The similar position applies for a parent/guardian accessing the application on behalf of a minor. ‘You’ refers to any individual, entity or corporation accessing this app and consenting to the terms.

By agreeing to the terms, they confirm that they are a party to a legally binding contract with StagersPro. If you do not meet the requirements of subscribing to a StagersPro account, you must not try to access or use the services. Also, once you sign up for a StagersPro account, you are obligated to abide by the terms, Privacy Policy and all the notices provided to you in electronic form. Any refusal to abide by the terms, Privacy Policy or other notices will make you unable to create a StagersPro account. Once you have consented and been able to access the services, the users are at full discretion to withdraw their consents at any time. Though, the retrieval of the consent would lead to termination of their accounts.

Once you sign up for a StagersPro account, you agree that neither StagersPro nor its personnel, partner/associate companies or its agents will be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the service.


1• Subscription Membership

Subscription membership is a non-transferable and non-refundable fee. The subscription fee of $49.99 is billed on an Monthly basis. As our subscription plan renews automatically, any user who wishes to terminate their membership at StagersPro shall terminate subscription before the plan is renewed at the end of the Month. StagersPro only offers one types of subscription plan and details regarding it could be found on the Membership page of the website.

2• Terms of Payment

Prices are subject to change without providing any notice. Although, the prices charged for a service or product will be at a rate effective at that given time. All the orders placed, or subscriptions made after the changes in prices will be subjected to the new pricing. We are not responsible for any typographical errors or errors in pricing from our part. StagersPro also reserves the right to cancel any order or transaction arising from such errors.

All users of StagersPro are expected to provide us with a valid mode of payment without limitations. Once you have provided the payment details, you warrant our authority with the following:

i• The payment information is correct, true, and valid

ii• You are authorized to use a certain credit card or bank account for payments

iii• Any charges you incur while using our service will be honoured by your Bank

iv• All the payments will be duly made by you including any taxes applicable.

v• StagersPro is authorized to deduct the subscription fee from your account.

vi• Allowing StagersPro to provide your payment information (subject to our Privacy Policy) to facilitate payments to third-party for the provision of their services via our app.

3• Use of Services

You are solely responsible for the use of the services provided by StagersPro. All the users are solely responsible for protecting the password of their accounts and logging out once their accounts are inactive.

Downloading or copying any piece of information/content from any other account for your personal benefit is strictly prohibited. Similarly use of data mining tools is also disallowed at StagersPro to protect the integrity and privacy of our user’s information and content posted by them.

All content in terms of user information, companies’ information, images, text, floor plans or designs are exclusive property of StagersPro. Any party should refrain from using any tags or name of trademark of StagersPro or any entity it has contracted with, without an express written consent from them. Also, all titles, ownership, and intellectual property rights, including the rights to copyrights, trademarks, service marks and logos and any other form of intellectual property used on the app is sole property of StagersPro. Nothing contained on this app should be construed as granting, by implication any license or right to use any of the intellectual property of StagersPro without its consent.

All users are prohibited from posting any unlawful, unsolicited, defamatory, inflammatory, or indecent content/material that has the potential to initiate a civil wrongdoing or be in serious violation of law. StagersPro will not tolerate any such instances and immediately terminate the concerned user accounts(s).

4 • Code of Conduct

All the users of StagersPro must use the app for purposes that are lawful and in accordance with our terms. If you breach the following Code of Conduct, your use of the Service will be subject to immediate termination, at StagersPro’s absolute discretion. StagersPro prohibits certain types of action which include:

i • Try to delete or alter any copyright, trademark, or proprietary right notices from StagersPro app

ii• Access or use any of our provided services or material for uses other than the ones that are permitted.

iii• Any use of services which lets the third parties exploit you

iv• Copy any files or material from our app which are sole property of StagersPro either electronically or manually without our prior consent.

v• Reverse engineer, disassemble or attempt to derive any of the materials’ source code or data files.

vi• Violate any federal, state, local Canadian laws or any international laws including the Canadian laws regarding export of data or software.

vii• Procure the sending of any advertising or promotional material such as junk mails, chain letter or spams.

viii• Impersonate to be any StagersPro’s employee or personnel or any other entity.

ix• Misrepresent your identity or your affiliation with any person or company.

x• Use the services in a way which could impair the ability of the other users to enjoy the services. Refrain from disabling, damaging, or overburdening the app.

xi• Use of robots or artificial intelligence for accessing the services offered by StagersPro or any other illegal actions.

xii• Introducing any trojan horses, viruses or any material that might be harmful to our app

xiii• Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any parts of the app, the app servers located in Canada, or any databases connected to our app.

xiv• Infringe any intellectual property rights of other users

xv• Post information that is likely to deceive other users or companies

xvi• Attack the app through any cyber-attack

xvii• Violate the rights of publicity and privacy by posting illegal content/material that could give rise to a legal liability

xviii• Provide your log-in credentials to any other person or third party

xix• Share non-public, private material to other parties.

Any action performed that is not permitted under these terms, will constitute a breach of these terms. Any attempts to modify, copy or provide access of the app service to any other party who is not allowed to do so, will lead to an immediate termination of your user account. We have an absolute right to return or destroy any copy of material uploaded by you.

5• In-App Purchases

If you choose to make an in-app purchase, you will be required to enter details for your account with the mobile platform depending upon if you are using Apple or Android. All the in-app purchases will be in accordance with the terms. You will be charged for the subscription until you end up cancelling your subscription with us. To avoid any charges, you must cancel before the end of the trial period. If you purchase an auto-recurring periodic subscription, your account will be billed continuously for the subscription until you cancel it.

6. Flagging Offensive Content

By entering into agreement with StagersPro, you are obligated to report us regarding any offensive or objectionable content on the app. Our app also provides you buttons where you could flag the offensive content. We promise that our team at StagersPro will review the objectionable content as soon as we can ensuring that it does not breach our code of conduct or privacy policy. We further assure you that our team will get back to you within 24 hours regarding any action it plans to take against the objectionable content.

7• Waiver and Severability

By agreeing to our terms, you acknowledge that these terms are reasonably valid and enforceable. If a Canadian court or a court of competent jurisdiction rules out any part of the terms to be invalid or unenforceable, that part or clause of the term shall be removed effective immediately. Note, that such an instance would not render the entire document of terms invalid, and it will be enforceable in full force. Any failure on part of StagersPro to assert a right or provision under these terms shall not constitute to a waiver of such right or provision.

8• Arbitration and Governing Law

The terms represent a contract between you and Stagerspro regarding the use of this app. This contract supersedes any other agreement or understanding on a similar subject matter. As per our terms, all your rights and obligations related to the service of the app will be governed by thelaws of Ontario, Canada. Any disputes that might arise out of using the app’s services, will be dealt using the mode of arbitration. The chair of arbitration will be based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Except where it is explicitly prohibited by the Canadian laws, all the disputes and causes of action are encouraged to be resolved individually without resort to courts. Regardless of any limitation period prescribed under the Canadian law, all claims need to be filed within 1 year after the action in concern, arose. A failure to abide by this requirement shall be waived from claiming any of the rights arising under the cause of action.

9• Changes to the Terms

StagersPro reserve the right to make changes to these terms from time to time by notifying all its users on the app. Therefore, the users are encouraged to check the terms regularly. If a user refuses to accept to the new terms, he might be free to do so. Although, this might result in termination of the services provided to him .

StagersPro holds no responsibility for the contents of the apps that may not be always updated. We are under no obligation to update such material.

10• Termination

The contract between you and StagersPro run for an indefinite term. StagersPro reserve the power to unilaterally terminate these terms by providing notice to you. The users can discontinue their obligation with these terms by simply deleting off their user accounts. This will result in permanent deletion of their projects and uploaded material from the app.

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Privacy Policy


StagersPro is an application Owned by BAAANET IT INC. available on platforms like Google Store and Apple Store providing an online service to Staging Companies to manage their complete business using this application.The application allows organizations to do their work hassle free without the cumbersome paperwork to follow, stage their homes and allowing them to retrieve all the fixtures/furniture that staged the home once the home sells out on the property market.

The team behind StagersPro is committed to value the customers/user’s privacy and they completely acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the information provided to us by you. Our comprehensive privacy policy entails the nature of the privacy measures taken by us while undertaking the activities listed below. With due respect to your rights, we intend to make you fully aware of how we collect, access, process, share, use and store information related to individuals. Under the Policy, the reference to ‘Personal Data’ includes any information which can solely or in combination with other information, can be used to distinguish an individual.

Protecting our customers/user’s private information is our utmost priority. Therefore, we at StagersPro ensure that your privacy is safeguarded in the best possible way against stringent privacy regulations. These include:

Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEA) and the applicable provincial legislations



2• Information we Collect

In order to make use of the service we provide through this application; we require you to provide us with some Personal Data. This data will in no way be used by us but retained on your personal devices for the purpose of providing you with the best service. The application also makes use of third-party service providers who also collect your personal data. All that data will be protected by the third-party’s own independent privacy policy. StagersPro will not be liable for any infringements or breaches of privacy policy by the third-party’s misconduct.

Information that is provided to us mainly includes, the information which is used for sign-up of your StagersPro account. This information will include your name, phone number and email. We also provide you with the social-media login feature where the required data is retrieved from your social media profiles. Credit card numbers or any sorts of payment information might also be needed to give our customers the facility to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. All sorts of personal information are merely collected by StagersPro to deliver its services and help improve the user experience with our services. We at StagersPro try our best to limit the amount of information collected from you for the intended purpose. By using our app, you are consenting us to collect, analyse and retain any data related to our service along with authorizing us to also send that data to servers located in Canada and other countries around the world.

Certain information is also collected on automated basis and stored inside the log files. The automatically collected information includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your device information such as the operating system or software, time zone information, Internet Service Provider (ISP), your location, any earlier services you have availed from us, and google analytics. We also ensure that this information is strictly used for analysing user experience and trends, and user movements to improve the quality of the service providing our customers with the results/matches well-suited to their preferences. None of the automatically collected information is linked to individual personal data.

3• Usage of Information

The information provided voluntarily by you will be used to provide the services requested off the app. The information might also be used to finalize transactions, send confirmation alerts, on-going updates, and any administrative support messages. We will also be using your information to get back to your queries, complaints, comments, and feedback. All the correspondence between you and StagersPro will be recorded to provide our users with an incredible experience using our app.

StagersPro will process your personal data only when you have consented to its use. The data will only be used either for performing a contract with you or to satisfy a legitimate business interest ensuring it does not override your rights as a customer/user. All the data can only be accessed, processed, or used by our authorized personnel or any company who has acquired the access from us to fulfil their obligations. A very efficient and competent organizational system is in place to protect your information. Reasonable and effective security measures are put in place by us to protect the confidentiality of the information provided by our users. StagersPro is always one step ahead in securing its users information, yet it makes no promise for complete security at all times. The users need to acknowledge the unexpected risks and threats attached to the data leakages in online platforms. Though, the system stores the data as long as you have an active account with us or are currently using our application services. Any requests for permanent deletion of accounts will be entertained unless we need to retain your information for any legal, regulatory or payment issue. However, any retention of information provided to third parties will completely depend on their independent privacy policy. In addition, the users also have a right to update and correct their account information at any point in time. At StagersPro we tend to encourage our users to keep their account information as updated as possible to keep us well informed.

4• Protections offered

At StagersPro we make use of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology which aims to protect your account information during transport across the internet. In addition, all the user accounts are protected by a password which our users need to keep confidential. Also, at no time StagersPro message its users asking for their passwords or credit card information through insecure email. We ensure all our users that any sensitive or confidential information is transmitted in encrypted form to StagersPro servers.

Users must also note that their personal data is also subjected to physical, administrative, and technical controls as well. Any hard copies of this data will be protected in a similar way to electronic data with them being locked up in cabinets prohibiting open access. The disposal of the information also takes places in the most secure way since the information is shredded and destroyed to make it unreadable.

StagersPro, its agents, the contracted companies or service providers all protected the sensitive payment information collected during transactions or subscription of StagersPro account. The protections offered include making use of secure networks, encryption of card holder’s data, physical and technical access controls, and information security policies.

Personal information such as venues and payment card processors, will be made available to the companies that help StagersPro in running its business operation and allow StagersPro to improve the staging services it provides. Your personal information might be stored and used by the companies in Canada or any other location worldwide where StagersPro has scattered its range. We assure that all the independent vendors or companies will keep your information safe and secure without disclosing it for any purpose other than providing their services.

StagersPro might disclose your personal information only in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances include the following:

i• Times where disclosure becomes necessary to protect the safety, property and rights of StagersPro or any person associated with it

ii• Under legal requirements

iii• Protecting health and safety of the StagersPro users

iv• Addressing crimes committed which involves the use of our app

In such situations StagersPro will disclose the information provided, it receives a search warrant or a legally valid order to investigate the case due to a breach of agreement or contravention of Canadian laws.

5• Children protection

StagersPro provides a strict commitment towards protecting the children’s online privacy. Despite of being a general audience application, it does not intend towards extending its services to the children. StagersPro would never knowingly collect information from minors. Anyone who possesses information regarding a minor using our services by misleading us could kindly contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ option available on the app or the email provided below. We then, after making our checks assure our users that adequate action will be taken since protecting children’s privacy is our top-most duty.

6• Changes to Privacy Policy

In a timely fashion, StagersPro will introduce changes to this privacy policy to reflect our current privacy practices. However, by no means this change will come without our users’ explicit consent. All our users will be notified about any changes to our privacy policy via email and a notification pop-up within our app. Though, we also encourage our users to frequently review the Privacy policy to stay updated on how StagersPro works to cater to their safety requirement.

7• Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our privacy office with any questions, comments or complaints concerning this policy or anything related to our app. We are readily available 24/7 to provide support to your concerns.
Email: support@stagerspro.com


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